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Movement is our first language. It is only as we age that this becomes unfamiliar or uncomfortable. I enjoy working with all ages and find special satisfaction in intergenerational projects. 


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Somatics. Yoga, Dance: Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Improvisation, Composition, Dance Theater

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is an art, a privilege, and a form of activism for me.


Wholehearted, embodied, socially sensitive. 

                                                                Culturally relevant and historically accurate.


Informed by previous and emergent knowledge - pedagogy is a living thing...


                                                                      a constant state of flux, like life.

I strive to enhance perspectives and positively impact what it means to be a human, artist, and citizen in any stage of life. Over the last 25 years, I have taught in public and private schools, faith-based settings, fitness, yoga, and dance studios, for professional and community organizations, in university, and with a non-profit dance company. This broad background informs how I craft learning environments purposefully and with awareness on diversifying curriculum.

Being sensitive, deliberate, and flexible in each moment is important to me. Valuing process, I am constantly responding, inventing, adapting, imagining, and staying open to new ways and ideas. I have been told that my classroom and rehearsal methods are more life/art experiences than formulaic transfer of material and care deeply about the effectiveness of the environment we co-create.

I will never tire of gaining knowledge and continuing my own training and evolution. Some of my knowledge is explored and found in solitude, through solo investigation. This to be essential as a somatic educator who teaches others about discovering and transforming through their bodies and personal experience; my own practice must inform my teaching as a living art. Along with this, I engage with colleagues, mentors, and organizations in the field as a regular part of my inquiry and intellectual growth. I am perpetually learning and experimenting because I believe that education has the potential to transform our world.


Higher Education

Practice based research and student centered learning are at the heart of my interests as an educator. I believe the body is intelligent and embodied learning is key in acting as an agent of change.


With over 20 years of experience teaching dance and 10 years in yoga and somatics, I relish the opportunity to guide others in their teaching journey. Individualized and group mentor sessions available.

Senior at Texas State University

Kaytlyn Collier

My communication with Misti began with dance technique classes, Texas State WellnessDance research study, and yoga training. Misti is a very serving mentor and educator. I have always felt safe to contact Misti beyond the classroom for more answers.  As a student, it is refreshing to indulge in the knowledge and progressive material she has to share. As a student teacher, I strive to be as intuitive, creative, energetic, and motivating in my instruction as Misti.


Student at Texas State University

Ilse Mascorro

I believe Misti has taught me — as a close mentor — more about myself as a teacher than any professor I have had or been close to in the dance department. She not only knows the balance between encouragement and constructive criticism, but is well-informed on whatever topic she might be teaching that day. She has taught me qualities like patience, being understanding, and effective leadership. And all of this she teaches me, more than anything, by setting the example.


Student at Texas State University

Ashley Crayton

My personal experience of having Misti as my teacher/mentor has been great. I learned more than just the class material, additionally I was able to gain trust in myself as well as guidance in perfecting my craft. She is patient, caring, and obtains a kind personality. I value her classroom management skills and teaching style as a professor. Overall, Misti is much more than a teacher/mentor, to me she is one of the best teachers I ever had.


Student at Texas State University

Rachel Stevens

Having worked with Misti in the Wellness Dance program and having been her student, she has taught me a tremendous amount about dance and teaching. She is always able to teach me things in creative and unique ways that make complex ideas and movements understandable. I admire that Misti always gives her all to her students and works with them individually by giving them personalized goals that suit their needs. What I have learned most from her is how to be a successful teacher who makes dance accessible to everyone.


Student at Texas State University

Erin Ellis

 Dance and yoga practices alike are often very emotionally driven. As someone who normally would never reveal vulnerabilities, Misti provided such a compassionate and genuine environment that I was able to tap into areas of growth emotionally and through the art that I never had before. She is very intentional to make all of her students feel that same level of safety and encouragement. Additionally, Professor Galvan makes her intentional allyship and advocacy for social justice known to all students. Practicing what she preaches, and again cultivating a supportive student-centered environment is at the heart of her pedagogical method. It is professors such as Misti Galvan that have inspired me to not only pursue a career in higher education, but to also prioritize the philosophies of empathy, community, and lifting each individual for what they bring to the table. I hope to make half the positive impact on my future students that Professor Galvan has made on me.

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